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Electricity generating station "DVE 120"

DVE 120 is an environmental self - contained electricity generating unit powered by PATENTED bladeless rolling turbine. The turbine unit is fixed to concrete block containing inlet piping. Attached generator produces 12 or 24 V eletricity. Generated electricity can be used directly or stored in batteries.

H - water headQ - flow rate P- output
[m] 3,5 - 20 [l/s] 4 - 20 mechanical electrical
[W] * 75 -2100 [W] ** 35 - 1000
( P mech = 7,5 x Q x H )

*     acquired output depends on hydraulic losses due to water feed pipe
**   acquired output depends on used generator efficiency

DVE 120 weith (including concrete base): 60kg

PATENT No. 283553