The Turbine SETUR and its practical use

The turbine SETUR is a hydraulic motor, which is able to function with relatively small energy input. It is able to effectively utilize micro energies from water sources that are renewable and convert them into useful work. General characteristics of this equipment are concealed in the fact that this is relatively new type of equipment which is utilizing hydraulic principles not implemented anywhere in the World. This "Rolling Hydraulic Machine" is at the moment the only technical equipment, which can be from the economical, ecological cleanliness, and technical simplicity point of view installed under unstable or borderline energy conditions. It is therefore able to successfully produce mechanical energy with effectiveness of 65 - 75% where other apparatus for technical and economical reasons cannot be installed. In practice, it is about potential energy obtained form very small down grades and minimal water flow quantities. For example effective possibilities to harvest energy present themselves with water level differences of around 0.5 - 1.5 meters or water volumes of 2 - 20 liters/sec passing through the turbine. In practice, these unusually small natural water sources are not being utilized anywhere in the world at this time, even though they represent more then half of the worldwide hydro-energy potential. Turbine SETUR appears to be the possible source of the driving force in the inevitable change of this negative situation towards improvement, because it offers to its users simply, inexpensively, and effectively to explore natural and renewable resources where it was absolutely not possible until now.

World's innovation, new principle of function, and simple industrial utilization of turbine SETUR and for its economical use made it possible to obtain wide ranging coverage of patenting protection. In most of the industrialized countries in the world the Rolling Hydraulic Machine is patented nationally or internationally including improved applications and technical innovations are subject to attached patenting protection. (For example, in the USA it is the United States Patent 6,139,267, in Australia Letters Patent No. 722378, the publication of the Euro-patent is prepared by the European Patent Office, application solutions under the name Hydraulic Motor is registered for international patent protection Registration PCT/CZ99/00012 etc.).

Practical utilization of turbine SETUR for the purposes of energy harvest is prepared in two formats. The first is based on the concept of machine for the production of small (micro) quantities of electrical energy and the second is utilized to power a water pump for local irrigation systems. Both of these concepts are characterized by the fact that they enable the user to utilize minimal, in practice by other equipment unusable, source of potential renewable energy. Past experiences prove that from the economical sense the micro-turbine SETUR is able to pay for itself in just a few years, if it is producing electricity, which is being completely utilized in closed manufacturing production circuit, or in just few months if it is equipped by a water pump and is being used for long term irrigation of farming production. In case of need it is technically possible to equip the turbine SETUR with both functions at the same time, which is to power the generator as well as the water pump. Practical testing has confirmed that micro-quantities of electrical energy, especially in an accumulated form can save the lives or profoundly affect the lives of people who for some reason cannot be without a source of electrical energy and have no other means to generate it. Also the utilization of the turbine SETUR as the source of energy to drive a water pump to irrigate a land can in its own way act as an instrument for the survival of people in the long term or under unexpected array of (negative) conditions.